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Turbo 200 Wiring Installation Instructions

15 + 3 MFD

Note: Not all installations have two (2) wires connected to the common as shown in the dual-value illustrated examples. In some installations there is only one (1) wire which is common to the compressor and fan motor.

EXAMPLE: To replace a 15+3 microfarad Dual-Value Capacitor:
BEFORE YOU START: Make note of the wires which are attached to the fan
motor (F), common (C), and compressor (Herm) terminals of the capacitor
being replaced.
STEP 1: To achieve the 15 microfarad for the compressor (HERM) - Using one (1) jumper wire, connect the 5 (4) + 10.  This will equal 15 microfarads.  STEP 2: Connect
one of the wires from the compressor to the 10 MFD terminal.
STEP 3: Connect the other wire(s) from the compressor to the common (C).
[The common is the center black terminal].
STEP 3: To obtain the 3.0 microfarad for the fan (F), connect one of the fan wires to the 2.5 (3.0) MFD terminal.  STEP 4: Connect the other wire from the fan motor to the common (C). [The
common is the center black terminal].